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Food Safety Management System

Many companies in the food industry are looking for an effective Food Management System, and registration to a recognized food management system. GFSI Recognized Standards are growing in popularity worldwide as an answer to both of these needs.

Food Safety Management System

There are many food safety management systems being used across the globe, but companies are looking for a system that can be used in all aspects of the food chain and recognized globally and across industries. The Global Food Safety Initiative, GFSI has established a set of requirements that must be included in a certification scheme in order for that scheme to be recognized by GFSI.

The GFSI benchmarked standards are differentiated from certification schemes because they meet all the established requirements. By obtaining a GFSI Recognized Certification, a company can show that they have a comprehensive food safety management system in place.

Companies obtain Food Safety Management System Certification by implementing a food safety management system that meets the requirements of the GFSI Recognized standard they choose, and having a Certification Body perform a certification audit.

If the Auditor determines that the Food Safety Management System meets the requirements of the standard, the facility becomes "certified". Ongoing surveillance and certification audits measure the continued compliance of the facilities food safety management system.

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