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SQF Document Control & Software

Controlling your food safety system with fully integrated software will make you more effective and efficient. No longer worry about compliance issues. No longer worry about lost or obsolete documents. All required activities are scheduled and notifications automatically sent. Stay on top of your food safety program instantly.

We recommend CIS Continuous Improvement Software for Online Document Control and Food Safety System Management.

A Standard of Excellence for Continuous Improvement and Compliance to ISO 22000, FSMA, FSSC 22000, GFSI and ISO 9001. Everything you need for Quality and Food Safety management.
Does away “one size fits all” mentality – fully customizable to your business. CIS is a web-based online document control and quality management system that brings together all the tools required for Quality Food Safety System management.

Get the best of both worlds: world class training with Templates from 22000-tools.com and best-of-breed quality management software with CIS!

CIS is a cloud-based online quality and food safety management system that brings together all the tools required for Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety and Compliance management.

  • Easy to Use - Intuitive structure that requires little training
  • Affordable - Provides a quick return on your investment (ROI) with unlimited users

  • Reliable & Secure – Full data encryption on your own secure URL with daily back-ups

  • Frees up time and resources, Facilitates Improvement - Leading to better results

  • Comprehensive Solution with over 28 fully integrated modules including – Document and Data Control, Customer Feedback, Non-conformity and Near Miss, Audits, HACCP plans, Inspections, Accidents and OSHA reporting, Human Resource Management (competency, training performance), CAPA and everything else you need!

  • Accessible from anywhere and at any time, with no installation requirements and easy implementation.

CIS will enable your business to Improve Performance by Reducing Errors, Improving Quality, Safety, Speed and Convenience. Achieve outcomes that go beyond human capabilities!

Watch a 5-minute walk-through of the software.

Modules Include

Personalized Home Page

Each user has their own customizable home page:

  • Calendar of events showing their upcoming meetings, action item due dates. One click takes you to the details. Block off time so CIS will not schedule events when you are not available.
  • Action items and notifications of upcoming events they are responsible for. No more chasing people for answers
  • KPI graphs with up-to-the-minute performance data
  • FAQ for answers to common questions around food safety, HR, company policy, etc.
  • Company News to facilitate communications to employees, suppliers, customers – you decide who sees what.
Document and Data Control
  • Create online folders then upload and store documents. Upload multiple documents with one click
  • Move, copy documents. CIS maintains the current revision in each folder automatically
  • View only the latest version through strict version control
  • Flexible document approval workflow prior to publishing
  • Roles based document access rules
  • Comprehensively track document control and change history
  • Archive all prior document versions
Non Conformity and Near Miss
  • Categorize and track details
  • Assign responsibility for resolution and due date
  • Send notifications as required
  • Upload multiple files (docs, video, pictures, spreadsheets)
  • Link directly to corrective action and work orders if needed
  • Complete reports by type, location, cost, customer
Customer Feedback (complaints)
  • Log and track complaints through to resolution
  • Perform full complaint investigation
  • Link directly to CAR or SCAR to Identify root cause
  • Complete reports by type, location, cost, customer
  • Keep customer and all stakeholders informed of progress
Corrective Action (CAPA)

Integrates fully with the Customer Feedback, Non Conformity, Audits, and Near Miss Modules to correct issues identified in those modules.

  • Assign time-based investigative tasks to individuals or teams through automated tasks workflows
  • Identify and record root causes with built-in 5 Why Analysis
  • Trigger reminders and escalate when replies are outstanding
  • Ensure corrective actions are properly implemented and closed
  • Enhance teamwork across the organization and keep projects on track
  • Investigate the most effective corrective measures
  • Record the corrective actions required, the actions taken and their effectiveness
  • Demonstrates compliance with quality standards and regulations

Incoming, In-process and Final inspections track product flow

  • Update inventory
  • Links to supplier performance
  • Automated workflows advise suppliers/managers regarding disposition
  • Tracks disposition, cost, location, department
Work Orders
  • Track repairs, maintenance and re-work
  • Allocate responsibility and due dates
  • Use for instruments or equipment
  • Provides detailed labor and material cost records for asset evaluations
Proposed Process/Procedure Revision
  • Valuable feedback tool to capture changes needed to documents or suggestions for improvement
  • Automatic email notifications for approvals and further actions (i.e. training on new procedures)
  • Tracks all suggestions and acceptance/rejection details, final review and verifications
Accident/Incident Reporting
  • Complete management of all accidents and incidents - fully compliant with OSHA
  • Record details by employee
  • Record supervisor investigative details
  • Upload (multiple) witness statements
  • Set criteria for escalation with automated workflows
  • Prepare OSHA reports
  • Full reporting by incident, location, lost hours, accident type
Statistical Reports and Graphs

Complete reports by cost, location, occurrence, any criteria recorded in any database. Design any report you need. These are in addition to the Home Page Key Performance Indicators.

  • NCR reports
  • CAR reports
  • Customer Feedback reports
  • Near Miss reports
  • Inspection reports
  • Work Order reports
  • Managers Late Action report
  • Customer Correspondence report
  • Sales Follow-up Action report
  • Sales Detailed Customer Activity report
  • Objectives Achieved Chart
  • Material Shelf Life Expiry report
  • Vendor/Supplier Performance report
  • Track Database History

CIS simplifies the process of constructing, scheduling and running an audit.

  • Easily configure new audits or reuse existing audit templates
  • Schedule recurring audits
  • Lets users create new checklists ahead of time or “on the fly”, when running an audit
  • Attach supporting documents to audits
  • Review previous audit results
  • Easily identify non-conformances and areas for improvement
  • Track corrective actions taken in response to audit findings
  • Create audit reports for sharing with stakeholders
  • Builds up a full history of audits and results so you can demonstrate enforcement of consistent processes and procedures
  • Provide consistent and comparable information across your organization

    With similar features to Auditing, this module can be used for management meetings, health and safety meetings, and any and all meetings with actionable items that need follow-up and recording.

  • Schedule meetings with multiple auditees
  • Clone agendas for recurring meetings or create new ones in minutes
  • Track action items raised during meetings
  • Action items sent to each person’s home page
  • Progress reports automatically sent to participants – no more need for follow-up meetings.
  • Upload multiple files, reports, videos, pictures, memos – supporting documents are always on hand
  • Full history tracking and retrieval of related documents for future reference

A separate module for tracking your Continuous Improvement Initiatives

  • Record the current measurable criteria
  • Set the target for improvement
  • Set the due date(s) and responsibilities
  • Track performance
  • Select equipment. Set up the procedures once. Let CIS manage the rest.
  • Set calibration/maintenance schedule. Automatically advises upcoming due dates.
  • Define the calibration/maintenance procedure. Clone procedures to save time
  • Record all calibration results
  • Assign responsibility. Assign work orders for repairs
  • Tracks all labor and material costs
Vendor/Supplier Management
  • Complete vendor control process including a record for each vendor with the contact information, approval method, re-evaluation date and scope of approval and a corresponding log to enter the specifics of each re-evaluation.
  • History log of each vendor's evaluation and re-evaluation
  • Print vendor/supplier report cards
  • Automatic notification of all supplier corrective action with an escalation procedure for missed dates.
  • Automatic notification for vendor re-evaluation one month prior to the re-evaluation due date and send out a notification by e-mail to the responsible manager
  • Issue purchase orders by e-mail and links the purchase orders with the receiving inspection. Accounts payable may view the purchase orders and archive them as they are paid. Issuing purchase orders has never being so easy!
Human Resource Management
  • Complete Human Resource Management system in conformance with Homeland Security Guidelines.
  • Upload and protect employee information with secure limited access
  • Track previous employment and reference checks as well as background checks.


  • Create job roles and link each to one or more competencies, and attach courses and tests to particular competencies
  • Schedule standard training for individuals or groups (users, employees and suppliers) with advanced notification to trainer and trainee
  • Stores and automatically updates training records when completed. Print training records. Maintain a complete training record for all users
  • Print competency verification reports. Identify competency gaps automatically schedule missing training
  • Advanced notification of training or re-certifications that are due added to the master calendar
  • Upload courses as presentations, documents or videos
  • Quickly integrate new procedures, make new staff productive sooner, bring suppliers up to standards
  • Ensure a consistent approach. Ensure that staff and stakeholders understand your quality processes that affect them
  • Ensure transparency between stakeholders, create a common language and set expectations on quality needs
  • Build up a strong history of training, establish demonstrable levels of expertise
  • Comply with regulatory bodies that require proof of training
Food Safety Planning

Prerequisites (for Auditors and Customers)

  • Set up the prerequisite(s) program for your company or location
  • Specify your programs for Sanitation, Pest Control, GMPs, Chemical Control, Allergen Control, Customer Complaints, Supplier Qualifications, Trace/Recall, Water Quality, Foreign Material
  • Upload your Process Flow Diagram(s), CCP Decision Tree


Describe your plan for each hazard in each process

  • Identify the potential hazard type (biological, chemical, physical, radiological)
  • Describe the potential hazard
  • Rate the likelihood and severity along with the basis for your rating
  • Determine if the hazard is fully controlled by a Prerequisite program, if it is eliminated by a subsequent process step and if a viable product can be produced if that step fails – implies a CCP
  • Describe monitoring procedures, corrective action, record keeping and verification procedures
  • Determine if there is the potential for fraud (concealment, counterfeiting, dilution, theft, mislabeling, substitution, unapproved enhancement)

HACCP Reports

  • Print reports for critical limits, monitoring and corrective actions
  • Print reports for record keeping and verification procedures
Other Modules
  • Special Requirements - CIS manages any special product requirements that are outside of your normal procedures.
  • Customer Supplied Property - manage any customer supplied property, date received, any maintenance/calibration performed, date returned
  • Sales and Marketing – database to manage customers, revenue potential, quotations and follow-ups

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