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SQF Practitioner Requirements and Responsibilities

SQF Practitioner Requirements

The practitioner must:

1. Be a full time employee in a position of responsibility for the management of the SQF System. The practitioner may not be a consultant or contract position.

2. Complete a HACCP Course. This course does not have to be approved by SQFI, but the practitioner must be competent to implement and maintain the HACCP system

3. Be trained on and understand the SQF Code.

  • Reading the code and demonstrating competence to your SQF Auditor
  • Online Training on the SQF Code - See our Premium Online All-in-One Package or our SQF Complete Training Program. Both of these programs meet requirements for training the practitioner. The Premium Online All-in-One also includes online training sessions for additional employees and internal auditors.
  • Classroom Training Programs

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When evaluating the credentials of an SQF practitioner, the auditor will ensure that the practitioner demonstrates knowledge of the SQF code. The auditor can evaluate the practitioner's knowledge during the audit by asking open-ended questions about the SQF system, code and general requirements. Our "Complete Training Package" is perfect for preparing you to meet this requirement.

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SQF Practitioner Responsibilities

"The Practitioner:

  • Has the responsibility and authority to lead the development and implementation of the Food Safety Fundamentals and the Food Safety Plan.
  • Leads the implementation project and be responsible for the maintenance of the SQF system and ensuring its integrity through validation and verification.
  • Plays a key role in the communication of information related to the implementation and maintenance of the SQF system.
  • Is responsible for validating and verifying the food safety fundamentals and the food safety plans. For level 3 systems they will also validate and verify the food quality plans.
  • Validate any changes to the food safety fundamentals and food safety plans.

The SQF Code defines the required qualifications for this role in Section "SQF Practitioner". A site may have more than one practitioner if needed to cover responsibilities for the operations or shifts.

As noted, there are no specific requirements for training (other than HACCP) or testing. The practitioner must demonstrate knowledge of the current version of the SQF Code. Some choose to do this by either successfully completing an Implementing SQF Systems training course, or by successfully completing an Implementing SQF Systems examination. Additionally, the practitioner may adequately demonstrate knowledge of the Code by having an effectively-implemented SQF System or appropriately address questions posed by the auditor at the time of the certification audit.

Additionally, note that there is no requirement to register or "certify" as a practitioner. A person in the role of a practitioner must meet the requirements of and of the SQF Code. Therefore there is no need to "re-register" or "recertify," nor is there a need to retake either the Implementing SQF Systems course or the Implementing SQF System examination if already successfully completed."

The above requirements are quoted from SQFI Website FAQs

Our complete training program provides the training sessions the practitioner needs as well as important implementation tools: Step-by-step guidance, checklists, to-do-lists and implementation plans, tutorial, document templates, PRP templates, forms templates and technical assistance when needed.

The practitioner will play an important role in the implementation of the SQF System. In most cases they will be the project manager or leader. Make sure your practitioner has the training and tools that they need to effectively design, document and implement the system.