Premium Implementation Package & Online Training for SQF Version 7.2

(Edition 8 now available click here...)

Online Implementation Package & Training for SQF

With this training you will fulfill the training requirements for the SQF Practitioner and at the same time, learn how to build your SQF food safety system.

Convenient online access! Learn at your own pace and print certificate of completion.

Includes training, templates, checklists and the tools you will need to implement SQF in your facility AND train your team.

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The Premium Package consists of 5 training modules with additional spots so you can train your team!

Here's how it works:

Your SQF Practitioner has access to each of the 5 courses in the Package (scroll down for course descriptions) AND can:

  • Assign "Introduction to SQF" to your HACCP team, up to 5 people.
  • Assign "SQF Food Safety Fundamentals" to your HACCP team, up to 5 people.
  • Assign "Internal Auditor Training" to your internal auditors, up to 2 people
  • Track the completion status if each of those people and know who has completed their training, who is in progress and who has not started.

Your Practitioner can assign the training at any time. Each person can train at their own pace and print their certification upon completion. Your account will be set for one year's access and downloaded documents are yours to keep forever.

Bonus: Only available in the Premium Package—Downloadable GMP Employee PowerPoint Training Package. This includes a PowerPoint training with speakers notes, quiz and certificate template so you can train all of your production employees on GMP requirements. Available in English and/or Spanish.

The Included Courses

The following 5 courses are included. Each has a printable certificate of completion at the end. There are PDF student notes, downloadable checklists and templates (Word/Excel).

A. Introduction to SQF System Elements

Learn the System Element requirements found in Module 2 of the SQF Code and how to comply. Print certificate of completion upon completion.

Includes 6 seats: train your Practitioner and 5 more people.

View course details.

B. Introduction to SQF Food Safety Fundamentals

Learn the SQF Food Safety Fundamentals requirements specific to the SQF Module that applies to your company. Print certificate of completion upon completion.

Includes 6 seats: train your Practitioner and 5 more people.

View course details.

C. Gap Analysis Checklist & Tutorial

Learn how to start your project with a Gap Analysis Audit to measure your current system against the requirements of the standard and create an effective project plan. Checklists are included.

Includes 1 seat: train your Practitioner.

View course details.

D. Templates and Tutorials

Learn how to plan, design and document your SQF System with complete ready-to-customize templates. Tutorials and instructions guide you through the preparation of each document.

Includes 1 seat: train your Practitioner.

View course details & list of included documents.

E. Internal Auditor Training

Learn the steps and techniques of auditing and conduct a practice audit of "Mandy's Vanilla". Print certificate of completion upon completion.

Includes 3 seats: train your Practitioner and 2 more people.

View course details.

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Do I need Edition 7.2 or Edition 8.0?

If your company’s SQF Certification audit is in 2017, your company will be audited to Edition 7.2 If it is in 2018, your company will be audited to the Edition 8 requirements.

If I am trained on Edition 7.2 do I need to be retrained on Edition 8?

Being trained on Edition 8 is an excellent way to learn the new requirements and demonstrate knowledge of SQF version 8. The code requires that the practitioner understands requirements, but does not identify specific training for upgrading to version 8.

Get notified when SQF Edition 8 Training is available (coming soon!)

What is SQF Edition 8?

How Long Does it Take?

You do not have to complete this training in one sitting - you can log in and out at your convenience. This course consists of 5 parts, approximate time to finish each part is as follows for a total of about 12 hours:

  • Introduction to SQF - about 1.5 hours
  • Food Safety Fundamentals - about 1.5 hours
  • Gap Analysis Tutorial - about half an hour
  • Templates Tutorial - about 2 hours to complete the tutorials
  • Internal Auditor Training - about 6 hours

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SQF Practitioner Requirements

The practitioner must:

  • 1. Be a full time employee in a position of responsibility for the management of the SQF System.
  • 2. Complete a HACCP Course. This course does not have to be approved by SQFI, but the practitioner must be competent to implement and maintain the HACCP system.
  • 3. Have an understanding of the SQF Code and the requirements to implement and maintain the SQF System. The SQF practitioner can meet this requirement by participating in a class about SQF implementation or an online course.  

This "Complete SQF Training Package" meets the requirements of #3 and gives you the understanding you need of the SQF Code and requirements for implementation, as well as detailed guidance for each step of your project. The comprehensive course also provides you with professionally developed templates to get you started with the design and documentation of your system. Tutorials for each of the SQF Processes will guide you through customizing the processes to make them unique for your company's food safety management system.

Still have questions? Watch our 4 minute video about becoming an SQF Practitioner.

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This has been very helpful I would of been lost....this has been a great asset

I am writing to let you know; the SQF program was instrumental in our success. We were successful in becoming SQF Certified. The web based SQF program that we signed up for was without question designed for success. I would highly recommend your services. Thank you Healthy Regards,

THANK YOU! for creating this set of templates, document examples and tutorials! I have struggled with developing forms and this is a huge time-saver! Again, THANK YOU!!!

Thank you. Your insight into the process has been invaluable to me as we navigate through this. I don't often find people as helpful as you so I wanted to take a minute to say how much I appreciate you taking time out of I'm sure a busy schedule. Regards,

I have started the documentation section and I am finding that the implementation programme is very good and useful in saving time. I have usually implemented the Food safety systems and HACCP by myself. This programme makes it so much easier and takes the hard grind out of thinking up procedures, PRP's etc. I can now focus on other things and managing my team factory team simply and effectively. Thanks and regards

The package to me was a big help made me understand what needs to be done for the SQF System a lot better and saved me time on setting up the whole system from scratch A+. Francisco

Are you lost in the maze of food safety requirements, certification schemes, and alphabet soups??? The Vinca Online Training Courses can walk you through the process of implementing an effective and stream lined food safety management system and help get your company get certified. The certification process can be overwhelming and complicated unless you have a systematic step-by-step process that can lead you through the maze, Vinca Online Courses are the answer!

Thank you for the follow-up and yes the training package was very beneficial and I completed it. With the HACCP training I completed I am now a SQF Practitioner. It was a pleasure to use your online training. Very easy to navigate and informational.

Compare Packages

Training is available in cost-saving bundles, or individually

Individual Courses

Order individually

  • Introduction to SQF ($149)
  • SQF Food Safety Fundamentals ($149)
  • Gap Analysis Tutorial & Checklists ($149)
  • Templates & Tutorials ($497)
  • Internal Auditor Training $549

Complete Implementation Package & Online Training

Training for your Practitioner

  • Introduction to SQF
  • SQF Food Safety Fundamentals
  • Gap Analysis Tutorial & Checklists
  • Templates & Tutorials
  • Internal Auditor Training

Premium Package

Training for Practitioner and your HACCP Team!

  • Introduction to SQF for 6 people
  • SQF Food Safety Fundamentals for 6 people
  • Gap Analysis Tutorial & Checklists for 1 person
  • Templates & Tutorials for 1 person
  • Internal Auditor Training for 3 people
  • Bonus: GMP Employee Training PowerPoint Package